Showtimes for The Majestic

Most films are featured with Closed Caption,
Audio Description and Hearing Assistance.

One (1) Child three (3) years and under
will be admitted free

Children (3) years and under who want 3-D glasses will pay the prevailing CHILD price for 3-D movies rated “G” “PG” or “PG-13″

No Infant or Child discounts for rated “R” movies. The prevailing GENERAL ADMISSION price will apply

Children (3) years and under (including infants) will pay the prevailing GENERAL ADMISSION price for 3-D “R” rated movies.

I.D. required for ALL “R” rated movies. Under 17 requires an accompanying adult guardian 21 or older. All CHILDREN (infant through 11) pay the prevailing GENERAL ADMISSION price CHILDREN 11 and under will NOT be allowed into the last showing of the day, on each screen, of any “R” rated movie. For more information please visit

Yakima Cinema 1305 N 16th Ave Yakima

The Majestic 1919 S 14th St. Union Gap